Sass in the Suburbs
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“I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.” Really? I’d like to know how a frumpy, white, bleach blonde, non-singing, wanna be pop princess wakes up feeling black, pompous and rich. And what I really want to know is wtf the American public is so simple-minded that they are buying into this fat [...]


I’ve recently uncovered the educational opportunities TV can provide such as shows Tool Academy and Tough Love. These shows rely on so called experts to decide whether a guy is worthy of your love. Hello wtf was this judgment day when I was dating? Not that it took a genius to determine the absolute updatability [...]


Whoever said life is a highway must have had a pathetic existence. Highways, along with every other road, street, avenue, drive and parkway are no fun. Driving in general is not something I like to do, ever. As I recall my first day of drivers ed, I should’ve known that “PARK and EXIT THE VEHICLE [...]